Reiki can help!

Have you heard of Reiki? Have you ever experienced Reiki for yourself? Have you wondered what Reiki is or can be used for? What can Reiki benefit when received as part of a self care/self love modality in a holistic practice or as a complement to allopathic (conventional) medicine?

Reiki, explained in its simplest terms, is "spiritually guided Life Force Energy".

It is the very same Energy that gives life to, and animates every living thing on the planet, and in the Universe for that matter. It is the same Energy that directs the seasons, the tides, the movement of the planets and stars in our galaxy, the same Energy that gives the animals their instincts and births weather patterns, the same Energy that upholds and directs Laws of Physics....Life. Force. Energy.

Reiki has been such a healing, transformative force in my life since my journey with it first began, that I am now fully convinced that Reiki can, and will change the world. One student at a time, one practitioner at a time, one recipient at a time, one session at a time!

I have recently read several articles, outlining Reiki's increased acceptance and use alongside conventional medicine and an ever growing number of hospitals, critical care facilities, hospice providers, cancer treatment centers, long term care facilities and doctor's offices that now have Reiki practioners on staff, or a host of volunteers that offer Reiki to their patients with wonderful benefits and sometimes profound outcomes! Check out this recent article in The Washington Post "Reiki Goes Mainstream"

Mainstream medicine is seeing for itself the tangible, measurable benefits this modality can offer to their patients. Benefits such as greater relaxation and stress reduction before surgery or other procedures, faster recovery times, decreased need for pain medications after procedures, a more optimistic outlook regarding their current health challenge(s), an overall greater sense of well-being. As technology continues to grow and advance rapidly in all areas, but specifically in the area of conventional medicine, so too, does the ability to measure the success of Reiki when used as a complement, and sometimes, as a stand alone approach to holistic health care.

What challenges are you currently facing in your life?

Are you just plain stressed? Feeling overworked, under appreciated, overwhelmed? Reiki can help.

Have you suffered (or are you currently going through) trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonement, loneliness, loss, or heartache? Reiki can help. It won't necessarily change the situations or circumstances, past or present, but it can change how you view and process these events and how they are allowed to impact your present.

Do you have health challenges? Are you sick, tired, battling chronic or debilitating conditions? Just not feeling as vibrant, alive and vital as you'd like to? Reiki can help.

Are you, or someone you love in the process of transitioning from this earthly life to what lies beyond? Reiki can help. Reiki can lovingly, gently and peacefully support the person transitioning as well as those around, friends and others, including those providing their care.

Do you feel inadequate, defeated, filled with self-doubt, low self-esteem, or perhaps like you just don't fit in? Reiki can help. By helping to balance your subtle energy field, increasing your connection to the Divine, while at the same time helping you to feel more grounded, more present, more aware and mindful in your everyday world...oh yes, Reiki can help.

To be honest, I cannot think of a single area of one's life that could not be enhanced or benefited in some way, through Reiki.

And just to clarify, since I used words in this article like "spiritually guided" and "Divine"...Reiki is not associated with any religion, church, or dogma of any kind. Reiki is a spiritual practice, in much the same way as Yoga and meditation are considered "spiritual", life enhancing practices.

As wonderful as receiving Reiki is, the benefits of becoming a practitioner and having the ability to give Reiki, to self and others, is even more incredible. To assist yourself or another in your/their journey to greater health, wellness, and well-being is a beautiful experience...and an honor. Practicing Reiki initiates us into a community, a family, of like minded souls who have also been called to assist in healing themselves, others and the planet. Are you looking for your purpose? Your calling? Your path? Reiki can help.

Having just returned over this past weekend from my Karuna Reiki® Master training in New York, I have been a bundle of inspired, motivated and positive energy, but now, at 9 o'clock PM, after a long day of work and busyness, the need for rest, relaxation and sleep is beckoning me, and I know from experience...Reiki can help.

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