Happy Holidays...Just Breathe!

It's that time of year again, and depending on your state of mind or point of view, its either "the most wonderful time of the year" or something we must endure and muddle through as best we can, hoping to survive its coming and going.

But why? Does it have to be that way? Must we conform to what the rest of or culture or society seems to be doing? Thinking? Feeling? Experiencing? Or are we free to choose and create our own experience based on our own soul's deepest desires, our own truth?

A new found friend (who runs a very busy online business and retail store) that I've spoken to several times over the past few days, reminded me in an email to "Breathe!" Just breathe...what profound and wonderful advice! The simple act of breathing connects us to all that is and all that is us. Mindful, purposeful, deep breaths instantly lower the heart rate, lower blood pressure, and give a feeling of being more in control, more relaxed, more centered and grounded.

Our breath connects us to our higher self, and also in mystical ways, to every other breathing organism on the planet. Breath IS life in the truest sense of all that means...when it ceases, so does this experience we call "Life".

The picture above is of my granddaughter, firstborn of my eldest daughter, at fourteen months of age and experiencing her first Christmas in New York City. To me, this photo epitomizes all the innocence, child-like wonder and simplicity that the season can be. As she wanders in amazement at the sights and sounds of the lights, the music, the heavenly aromas...all without expectations of what should be, or could be. Simply experiencing the moment and what IS. She simply just breathes it all in. Looking at the picture, I can feel her joy!

Are the holidays a blessed, joyous and wonderful time for you? Breathe in the wonder of it all, relax, be at peace and enjoy them all the more!

Are you stressed? Hassled, harried, over-extended, sullen, "Grinchy"? Stop. Be still in the space where you are. And breathe....slowly. Mindfully. Deeply. Gratefully. Just for a few moments if that's all you can spare. Feel your muscles relax, your racing thoughts slow...even if just a bit, feel your heart lighten. Repeat frequently. As often as needed.

Are you alone? Lonely? Sad? Mourning a loss? Again...BREATHE. As above. Change your thoughts about these conditions and change your life experience with these conditions. Reach out to others, perhaps lonelier and less fortunate than yourself. Volunteer. Give, even if you have little, we can all give. A smile, a hug, our time, a shoulder to cry on, from our abundance, whatever form it may take, we all have something to give. Keep breathing.

Through our thoughts, we create our world and life experiences. Each one of us is a creator in his/her own right and we are ALL creating every moment of every day. The question is what are we creating? What are we choosing? Don't like the thoughts you think? Think again...and keep thinking again until the thought resonates with what you desire to create. And BREATHE. Slowly. Mindfully. Consciously. Deeply. Gratefully.

Regardless of what winter holidays you or you and yours observe and cherish, I pray that they be blessed with Joy, Thanksgiving, Love & Light. Breathe!


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