For the Love of Reiki...

For the love of Reiki, indeed! Today is the Open House for my new Reiki/Energy WORK and Massage studio, my Sacred Space. One of many spaces where I feel grounded, centered, completely serene and filled with gratitude.

I have met several lovely people this morning thus far, some just curious, some wanting a cup of tea and a fresh scone, and to sign up for the door prize, and others with genuine questions about what happens here in this sacred space.

Having the opportunity to share with others what Reiki is, what its benefits are, its history and more, has also caused me to realize and appreciate just how much my Reiki lifestyle means to me on so many levels. It is the governing force in every area of my life; spiritual, physical, emotional and practical. It is the subtle unseen current flowing through all that I do.

I find myself wondering what I did and how I managed before Reiki entered my life, offering Awakening to my true self, healing, stress reduction, relief from fear, anxiety and the day to day stresses of life in general. I find myself hard pressed to come up with an answer to that question. I suppose like many, I existed. I muddled through life asleep and unconscious. Today, with the help and guidance of Reiki, I am more able to live in the moment. I am an active participant in and creator of my own life, rather than merely an observer; stumbling through each day.

One of my greatest blessings as a Reiki practitioner is the gift of self-Reiki, daily and sometimes multiple times a day when needed or desired. Even if I had never decided to open a practice and offer this beautiful, healing, restorative energy to others, the journey would still have been more than worthwhile just to be able to practice Reiki self-care! It has utterly transformed me in every way possible and I am filled with gratitude every day for my calling and life path as a Reiki practitioner and teacher.

Soon Reiki classes in all levels will begin in this sacred space. Soon there will be monthly Reiki shares here as one of the beautiful "side benefits" of this Open House, has been to draw out other practitioners and to begin building an email database to foster networking among us so that perhaps we can work together and begin to introduce and integrate Reiki into our very rural community. I am thankful to have spent a day in this space talking, sharing, and getting to know like-minded people...other awakened souls.

I have many goals and dreams with regard to the spread of Reiki, monthly shares, wellness events, the ability to work with the area hospital offering Reiki to patients, reaching out to the local VNA & Hospice to offer Reiki to those about to transition, finding and working with medical providers who are open to and welcoming to Reiki practitioners offering sessions to their patients as complimentary care. With Reiki, the possibilities to be a blessing to our small community are endless, and Reiki is able to make them all possible! Namaste, friends.

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