And then I woke up...

Hard to believe sometimes that I have lived my whole life up to a certain point...asleep.

Grew up, married several times, born children, raised them, pursued careers, all while sound a dream state, and sometimes it seemed, in a nightmare I could not awaken from.

The sleep was not a natural, restful, restorative sleep, but rather a sleep induced by cultural and societal norms imposed through my partaking of certain agreements. Agreements crafted by others, agreements that they had signed and their parents before them, and their parents before them, and on and on.

The agreements I signed were crafted to insure that while I was in this physical body, I could and would fit in, be insured of acceptance and love, not make too many waves, follow the crowd, fit in as another useful member of society, never daring or seeing any reason to question the status quo. Sleep walkers are (as a rule), easily directed and led to whatever society has deemed the "appropriate" course of action. An appropriate set of rules, mandates, behaviors, conditioned responses. Just please, don't rock the boat...stay asleep, float along in the dream of someone else's creation...Just let life happen to you and accept whatever comes. Your purpose here is to "just fit in and follow the rules."

Then one day it happens. Something presents itself to you, cosmically, karmically, oft times, mysteriously...and your sleepy lids flutter and begin to open. Perhaps it was a chance encounter with another soul, a book, a movie, a trivial Facebook meme, the rekindling of a flame ever burning deep in your innermost being that was never successfully quenched when you signed "the agreements", when you agreed to participate in the dream of the planet.

For me, the awakening started in 2004 with the reading of the book The Shack by William P. Young. I was warned by others in the religious community to stay was heresy! To me, that made the choice to read it all the more tantalizing. I made a conscious decision to read it with an open mind and heart. I was forever changed by the pages of that book. The precepts contained therein challenged everything I was ever led to believe, almost every agreement I had ever signed with regard to God, spirituality, religion, my fellow man, and most own Soul.

I wish I could say awakening came all at once, that I was able to cancel all the former agreements immediately, but that did not happen. The process was slow and methodical. At times, I would lapse back into a slumber of sorts, a nap, briefly. But once rekindled, the internal flame of awakening could not, would not be extinguished. I began to question and examine everything I ever thought, ever believed, ever held dear by the Light of that unquenchable flame!

The world looks very different when you walk through life with your EYES OPEN. Not only your physical orbs in your skull, but with your spiritual eyes, the eyes that speak to your Soul.

The awakened journey has continued through the years, sometimes easily, sometimes with a great deal of wrestling to tear up those old agreements, but continued, nonetheless. My Soul followed its path to Reiki over a year ago, first to Reiki 1 &2, then on to the Reiki Master/Teacher level. My Soul has reunited with its purpose in Reiki and I am blessed each and every day as the process of becoming awakened continues.

I have learned and am learning still, I am not the physical life form that I see in the mirror, I AM an eternal soul that has always been, and will always be, regardless of what physical form that Soul may choose to express itself in.

Awakening is not about learning anything new...its about remembering what we've always known intuitively from that Higher Mind...the Soul Consciousness within. Just for today, I choose to follow my awakened path and be Present and content to sit with my own Soul. Namaste.

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