Healing from the Heart 
3156 US RT 5, Derby, VT 
Reiki Share-for Reiki Practitioners 


Reiki Share-Code of Ethics 

1. All practitioners must be attuned to a minimum of Usui Reiki Level 1. Please do not say Reiki symbol names aloud or draw them so others can see during the share.

2. Provide a safe and comfortable healing environment for Reiki Practitioners (Clients)

3. Treat all Practitioners (clients) with the utmost respect. Keep confidential any information shared during the session by client(s) (Practitioners)

4. Respect the integrity of the client and carry out session while the client is fully clothed. Under no circumstance is there to be any sexual contact or language during Reiki sessions (shares) The practitioner will not have contact with the client’s breasts or genitals.

5. Reiki practitioners never diagnose or prescribe under any circumstances, or interfere in any way with treatments under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals.

6. Represent Reiki as a spiritual healing modality that can support the body’s own self-healing abilities and not as a “cure” for physical ailments.

7. Reiki is a spiritual practice and has no “religious” connections. Feel free to call on your personal guides in silent prayer to yourself after the Opening Prayer of Intention has been completed by the Reiki Share Leader/Host.

8. While it is important to respect all other lineages and honor other healing modalities, we ask that you PLEASE bring ONLY your Reiki practice in the Reiki Share. We are here to practice (give & receive) gentle Reiki.

9. If you are currently taking mind-altering medications, please let the group know. You are most welcome to receive Reiki, but please do not offer Reiki to others.

10. Alcohol is not permitted in a Reiki Share.

11. Please present a copy of your Reiki certification for our files. (Unless you received certification at Healing from the Heart)

We ask that you honor and respect these guidelines. They have been put in place to create a safe and Sacred space for Reiki practitioners to serve and be served.