Usui Sensei 1865 - 1926

(Modern Reiki Founder)

Become a Reiki Practitioner or

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki can be learned by anyone and is passed from a properly attuned Reiki Master to the student following the tradition of Mikao Usui. Once you have received the energy, you will  always have it, and the ability to give the beautiful gift of Reiki to yourself, as a loving form of self-care, and to others...friends, family or clients, in a Reiki practice. Learning Reiki is a transformational and deeply healing life experience, and a beautiful gift to self, others, and the planet.


After one studies at the ART/Master Level, they have the ability and necessary empowerments (Ignitions & Placements) to teach and attune others as well. One should have received Level 2 certification a minimum of 6 months prior to studying to become a Reiki Master. Reiki Mastership is a serious step, and decision that should be made after much contemplation, and meditation.


Becoming a Reiki practitioner will enhance your own life experience on all levels as well as the lives of everyone you touch during your day to day experience, or during Reiki sessions with others!


Are you being called to a Reiki path?

Level 1-

Usui/Holy Fire III- Level 1 Training is 2 days long

(9 AM-5 PM)

*Pre-requisite- None

*Cost- $225 (Includes- Class time, manual, all needed placements (attunements), certificate upon completion, in class practice & Reiki Sessions

*giving & receiving*

Level 2-

Usui/Holy Fire III- Level  2 Training is 2 days long

(9 AM-5 PM)

*Pre-requisite- Level 1 completion with a Reiki Master, any lineage. (proof of certificate required)

*Cost- $275 (Includes- Class time, manual, all needed placements (attunements), Certificate upon completion, (you will receive 3 symbols in Reiki ll) in class practice & Reiki sessions *giving & receiving* 


Master/Teacher Level-

*Usui/Holy Fire III *ART/Master/Teacher Level Training is 3 days long (9 AM-5 PM)

* Pre-requisite-Completion of Levels 1 & II with a  certified Reiki Master, from any lineage. (Proof of certificates required), and a minimum of 6 months since completion of Level 2.

*Cost- $875 (Includes- Class time, manual,  all needed placements & Ignitions (attunements), certificate upon completion, and a copy of your lineage. You will receive the Usui Master & Holy Fire symbols. Upon completion, you will be able to teach Level l, Level ll, *ART & Master Level Reiki. In class practice & Reiki sessions *giving & receiving*.

*ART-Advanced Reiki Training

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master Class-

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Class Training is conducted over a 3 day weekend (9AM-5PM)

* Pre-requisite- Completion of Master Level of training with a certified Reiki Master from any lineage (Proof of Master Certificate required) and a minimum of 6 months since completion of Master Level.

* Cost-$875 (Includes-Class time, Manual, all needed Placements and Ignitions (attunements), Registered Karuna Reiki®Master certificate upon completion. You will be given and instructed in the use of 8 Karuna Reiki® symbols.  Upon completion of this class, you will be able to teach this Master level class to others.

All classes are deeply healing, relaxing and restorative on a very personal level.

Upon completion of any level class, all students also receive their first  year's (Basic) membership to the Vermont Reiki Association as a gift!

(Click the logo above for more info on the VRA)

Gift Certificates/Gift Cards available for any service
and in any amount. Always the perfect gift!
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