Mobile and Distance Services Available


Healing from the Heart Holistic Center

Almost all of the services/sessions offered at Healing from the Heart Holistic Center can be received at other locations or provided virtually (online) via Zoom Meeting. (Or Facebook Messenger Chat, if one prefers.)

The following services are available at your home or other location of your choice-

  • Full body Massage (with or w/o Hot Stones)

  • Chair Massage (Home, Office, Small Company, Corporate)

  • Reiki/Shamanic Reiki

  • Sound Healing/Therapy/Sound Bath

  • Hand/Foot Massage or Reflexology


There are many reasons why one would choose mobile services- Perhaps you are unable to get to my location due to recent surgery or hospitalization, disability, recovering from serious illness, or...would simply prefer to receive services in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Chair massage make a wonderful treat for small offices and businesses to give to their employees! Massage in the workplace is known to relieve stress, improve focus and productivity, cut down on sick time and employee absenteeism. Additionally, it's just a really nice thing to do for your staff, or for the staff to surprise the boss with!

Distance & Virtual Services

Several services that are offered face to face at Healing from the Heart can also be provided virtually online, using Zoom Meeting (easy, user friendly interface), or Facebook Messenger Chat if one prefers. Both are easy and accessible right in the comfort of your own home.

Distance & Virtual Sessions/Services include the following-

  • Distance Reiki (30 or 60 minute sessions available)

  • Metaphysical Counseling/Coaching

  • Inner Child Work

  • Grief Counseling

  • Finding Your Voice/Empowerment Counseling


Due to the nature of the Reiki Energy, it is not limited in function, or efficacy by distance.

Because Reiki is energy it can be transmitted (sent) across the room, across the country or around the world, Distance healing sessions are every bit as beneficial as face to face sessions.

Distance Reiki is an excellent option for those who are unable to leave their home, or perhaps do not have access to Reiki services in their area.

 Payment can be made using either Square or PayPal for your convenience.*Please note- All virtual/distance sessions must be paid for when the appointment is scheduled. In the event you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, your payment can be applied to a future session.