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July 16, 2018

Back to the Beginning
For as long as I can remember, whether as a child staring out the backseat window (utterly bored,usually), or as the passenger in the car on a short jaunt or minor road trip, or even as the driver of the car in later years, I would see them. I would not just see them, I would stare at them, longingly, letting my imagination run wild. RV's, motor homes, and travel trailers of every imaginable shape, size, color and configuration. I would think to myself, "Someday...someday, that's going to be me. I am going to take to the open road and go wherever I want to, whenever I want to. I will see incredible sights, have amazing adventures and meet the best people all along the way!"  Pretty auspicious thought processes for a bored kid in the backseat of a car.
Funny Bunny Trail- When I was 20 and the mother of my first 2 young children, I found myself suddenly widowed. Once the insurance claims were all worked out, I found myself with a somewhat hefty settlement (at least for a 20 year old). After taking care of necessities, and opening several savings accounts, I did some retail therapy, for myself and others. My mother and I found ourselves at a Camping and Outdoor Show one afternoon.  While there, I became completely enthralled with beautiful 24' Class C on a Chevy chassis.  My mom had walked off in search of a restroom for my son, leaving me to chat with the  overly zealous salesman.  By the time my family returned, I'd made a decision and informed my mother, "I'm going to buy it!" The salesman, beaming, was puzzled when my mom asked "Ummm, can I talk to you for a minute?"  She pulled me a few feet away and said, "I hate to rain on your parade, but what are you going to do with that if you buy it?" I gave her what I considered the obvious answer. "I am going to take my kids on incredible adventures and see the country. All of it!" Mom looked thoughtful for a moment, then furrowed her brow and said "This might be a good time to remind you; you don't have a license, and you don't know how to drive."  Killjoy!
Okay, okay, there is that.  Minor detail, Mom...minor detail. Needless to say, I went home that day without an RV and it would be another two years before I'd learned to drive and obtained my license.
But the seed was planted. And slowly germinating.
For the next 4 decades, any time I traveled, anywhere, I never missed an opportunity to check out someone else's rig, and whenever possible talk to the owner(s).  Riding down the highway, when it was my turn to be the passenger and not the driver, I would ogle every one that passed by...big ones, little ones, fancy ones, falling apart ones, homemade ones, then close my eyes and think "Yup, someday, baby, that's gonna be me!"
I traveled a bit with my mother in the 80's when she built herself a kickass conversion van, which only further whetted my appetite for open roads and adventure.  In 1982, I helped my mom buy a 24' travel trailer and hauled it down to a seasonal campground in Rhode Island for her. (We lived in Connecticut at the time.) Mom loved Rhode Island, particularly Galilee, and the chosen campground was just a short jaunt from there.  My family, my mom, and I had a lot of good times there. She put an "add-a-room" on it, which was pretty much standard practice for most of the seasonal campers at the campground, planted some flowers, put up little, cheesy plastic fences, and even some plastic flowers to make it look "cute and homey"  Hmmmmmm, Okay. If you say so.  As much as I enjoyed hanging out near the shore and spending time around the campfire at night, there was something missing.
One night, while everyone else was enjoying coffee and conversation after my little ones were in bed, it hit me. I figured out what the issue was with the camper and this whole set up - Its just sitting here. It always just sits here. In the same spot.  I felt the trailer was most likely sad to have been built and called a travel trailer and was now relegated to spend the rest of its life sitting. In the same spot. Never moving.  I'm sorry trailer. I know all too well what it feels like to be stuck. I empathize with you.
Years pass, life happens, jobs and careers come and go, relationships begin and end, half a dozen kids grow and start lives and families of their own and through it all, the dream, the burning desire remains alive and well, and growing ever stronger.  In 2014, by a twist of serendipitous events, I  stumbled upon a vintage 1987  Ford/Intervec Class B in great shape while out driving one day.  I nearly drove off the road rubbernecking to get a good look at it because I had actually dreamt of this exact vehicle on more than one occasion! 
I just knew it was meant to be!  Especially when I realized, I had known the current owner for years.  I won't bore anyone with all the details of negotiations, scraping together of funds, and all the other trials and tribulations involved in making her mine, the point is, two weeks after the first sighting, she was! I named her "Mercy". And I was so in love! Once I brought her home and parked her in my yard, I'd look out the window a dozen or more times a day and just smile, sometimes in disbelief that she was actually mine and I wasn't just dreaming again.

My life continued to change, move, and grow in unexpected directions, and Mercy and I parted ways a little less than a year after I bought her.  I am ever grateful for the opportunity to have had her for a bit, and still wonder about her sometimes, but I am comforted in the fact that she went to a very good home with a guy who appeared to love her nearly as much as I did. He promised she'd be well used, well loved, and well cared for.

The whole experience with Mercy, taught me one very important lesson. Never, ever, again will someone talk me out of my dreams, or into parting with something I'd worked so long and hard for.  That said, letting go of Mercy opened the doors for my eventual acquisition of "Serendipity"! (Yes, I do name everything!)  


Let the adventures begin!  If you'd like to follow along, go ahead and subscribe.  Namaste, folks!