Reiki-Infused Bracelets & Prayer Malas

This sample, is one of my personal bracelets created from primarily Rose Quartz, Mother of Pearl, and Unakite. (Heart Chakra, heart expansion and openness, compassion, love for self & others, clear communication & inner wisdom)

New at Healing from the Heart Holistic Center- Custom, Intuitively created, Reiki infused bracelets made from genuine semi-precious stones! 

I will not be posting a ton of "sample" pics as each one will be unique to the needs/desires of the wearer.
When you reach out to me via Messenger on my Facebook page, or email here, I will work with you to learn what your energetic needs are, and create YOUR one of a kind bracelet, following intuitive guidance for the choice of stones.  Chances are, no two items will ever be exactly alike. Bracelets can be designed to address many needs/desires such as-
*Attracting Abundance
*Mental & Emotional Clarity
* Confidence & Courage
*Physical Wellness
*Chakra Balancing
*Releasing negative energy or emotions

*Grounding & Centering

The possibilities are nearly endless. A variety of charms are available, or you may choose no charm(s).  COST-$25 each.

 Shipping within the continental US is $7.95 Orders are paid in advance of shipment via PayPal or Square.

Prayer Mala (Wrist size)

I love to pray and recite my mantras using a Mala, but a full sized Mala is not always convenient to carry. A "wrist" Mala can be a perfect solution! Its smaller size makes it discreet to carry and easy to use most anywhere.

I use the term "wrist-sized" loosely, since with 27 beads, it is a little large for most female wrists. (May fit a male wrist quite well.) I carry mine in my pocket most times.  The 27 beads, when counted four times around, equal the standard 108 found in a full sized Mala. Regular use of a Mala can help greatly with your "mindfulness" practice, causing us to focus "inward" while at the same time effecting energetic change in our own lives and the Universe.

Again, each one is custom designed for you, based on our conversation via Facebook Messenger or email, will arrive blessed, and Reiki infused.

Cost- (like the example on the left which is one of mine), made of glass beads) $20

Genuine semi-precious stones- $35

Shipping in the Continental US is $7.95 Orders are paid in advance of shipment via PayPal or Square.