A bit about me...
Esme West
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"Healing from the Heart" Energy Work Room
"Healing from the Heart"
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I am a qualified and certified Reiki (Traditional Usui Reiki, Holy Fire II) Master/Teacher, having completed my Level I and Level II training with Reiki Master/Teacher Anne Cameron (Williston, VT) and my Usui/Holy Fire II/ART Master training with William Lee Rand (whose lineage includes 3 Reiki Masters from Japan.)  I am also a Certified Karuna Reiki© Master/Teacher.  I also studied Usui Holy Fire II, Levels I & 2 with Reiki Master/Teacher, Carolyn Musial in New York in 2016.

I am a member of the Vermont Reiki Association, the I.C.R.T (International Center for Reiki Training) and I.A.R.P (International Association of Reiki Professionals)

 I am a certified whole & raw foods nutritionist, having completed my courses in Shelby, SC. in 2004 and have a background in nursing. I have just completed my Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Sedona, and begun working on my Master's Degree in the same discipline. In addition, I am a Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner and Licensed Minister.  


One of my other passions is my own Yoga practice and I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor. I love the discipline, energy, and meditative quality of Yoga and believe it can help us to achieve, in a very tangible way, the inner balance and connection to our "higher" self that so may of us desire.


I am a long time practitioner of the healing arts of intuitive touch and massage for relaxation, stress  relief and reduction, and recovery from injury. Massage can play a vital role in healing the body, mind and spirit.

Ancient wise men and women, shamans and healers have understood and practiced the art of healing touch for centuries. Modern science is now able to validate the therapeutic benefits (both short and long term) of these age old modalities.


Additionally, I'm a certified aromatherapist and employ essential oils and aromatherapy as part of my healing practice to further enhance the body's own innate ability to cleanse, restore, revitalize, balance and heal itself. Essential oils have been used throughout the ages to bring all of the wonderful healing attributes of nature and her gifts to benefit the mind, body and spirit.


My holistic journey and approach to health /body care began 25 years ago , first with my own family, then friends, animals and extended family and finally, the public. Holistic methods as an approach to mind and body wholeness have been used for generations as stand alone practices but can also be used as a complement to coventional medicine and therapies.


I have been a Vermont resident for 30+ years and currently make my home in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom. Other passions include Yoga, meditation, camping, canoeing, kayaking, vegan, and vegetarian/vegan cooking.  After 10+ years as a vegan, I am now a compassionate vegetarian and have been for 8 years.


Healing from the Heart is available to the public in our new location for private appointments and consultations. Distance Reiki is also available as well as Metaphysical Life Coaching and Counseling (Distance via Skype or in person at the Healing Center. )